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Intellectual Property 

Supercharger offers an unparalleled patent management solution specifically designed for university technology transfer and innovation organizations, empowering them to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving intellectual property landscape. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, our software provides in-depth patent analysis and insights into emerging startups and corporates vying for dominance in the patent space. This allows universities to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on lucrative opportunities in technology commercialization and transfer.

IP Commercialization for University Innovation Centers
University Innovation and Commercialization

Tech Licensing at New Heights

Core Discovery

Supercharger's innovative patent management system simplifies intellectual property discovery and acquisition for university technology transfer organizations. Leveraging GPT-4's natural language processing and AI analytics, our platform optimizes decision-making and reveals valuable insights on startups and corporates in the patent space.

Advanced AI

Facilitating communication and collaboration among stakeholders, Supercharger's platform ensures smooth information flow and resource sharing while protecting sensitive data. GPT-4 integration enhances efficiency and fosters innovation in managing the IP lifecycle for university tech transfer and innovation organizations.

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IP Commercialization at Scale



Supercharger's cutting-edge collaboration and patent management system simplifies the process of discovering, sharing, and acquiring intellectual property for university technology transfer and innovation organizations.



Harnessing the power of GPT-4, our platform offers advanced natural language processing and AI-driven analytics, enabling optimized decision-making and the identification of lucrative opportunities in the patent landscape.



Our platform fosters seamless communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including startups and corporates, while ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive data.



Supercharger's GPT-4 integration guarantees efficiency, precision, and innovation in managing the entire IP lifecycle, from patent analysis to technology transfer for venture capital firms and university organizations.


See what our clients say

James Thompson
IP Commercialization Analyst

Supercharger's seamless collaboration and security features have significantly improved our internal and external stakeholder communication while safeguarding our sensitive data.

Sandra Johnson
Innovation Director

The GPT-4 integration in Supercharger's platform has been a game-changer for our university, allowing us to identify and engage with emerging startups and corporates effectively.

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
Director of Tech Transfer

Supercharger has revolutionized our patent management process, providing us with valuable insights to make strategic decisions. It's an indispensable asset for our tech transfer office.

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