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Tuesday, May 7 2pm EST - RESERVE, 30 openings

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Discover how our platform enhances prior art searches, streamlines freedom to operate assessments, and supports IP litigation with automated document checking and strategic insights.

We're offering a collaborative space to automate your approach to the IP analysis process. Hope to see you there.

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An Incredible Patent Collaboration Experience
One Patent at a time

Automated Patent Diligence

Streamlined IP Discovery and Acquisition

Supercharger's advanced patent management system, tailored for IP law firms, accelerates discovering, sharing, and acquiring intellectual property. Utilizing GPT-4's natural language processing and AI-driven analytics, the platform optimizes decision-making, revealing lucrative opportunities, and ensuring clients stay competitive.

Enhanced Collaboration and Security

Supercharger facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among stakeholders, improving the overall efficiency of managing IP portfolios and legal processes. With a strong focus on data security, the platform safeguards sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and trust in its services for IP law firms and their clients.

More cost effective
Faster ramp-up
More output
nothing like that

Productivity on a whole new level



Supercharger's cutting-edge collaboration and patent management system accelerates the discovery, sharing, and acquisition of intellectual property for IP law firms, startups, and corporate clients.



Harnessing the power of GPT-4, our software offers advanced natural language processing and AI-driven analytics, optimizing decision-making and identifying lucrative opportunities in the patent space.



The platform enables smooth communication and collaboration among stakeholders while ensuring the protection of sensitive data, to foster an efficient and secure environment for IP management.



Leveraging GPT-4 integration, Supercharger ensures efficiency, precision, and innovation throughout the intellectual property lifecycle, providing unparalleled support to IP law firms and their clients.

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