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Supercharger's mission is to empower university technology transfer and innovation organizations by leveraging GPT-4's advanced analytics to optimize intellectual property management and drive informed IP Commercialization. We are dedicated to fostering seamless collaboration, safeguarding sensitive data, and catalyzing lucrative opportunities for our stakeholders in the patent ecosystem.

Our vision

Supercharger revolutionizes university tech transfer and innovation ecosystems, utilizing GPT-4's advanced analytics to optimize IP management. Streamlining collaboration and fostering informed decision-making, our platform unlocks lucrative opportunities and emphasizes data security. With seamless stakeholder communication, Supercharger empowers academic institutions to drive global innovation.

Our values

Supercharger revolutionizes university technology transfer and innovation management with GPT-4-powered patent analysis, identifying key players and opportunities. Streamlining IP discovery and collaboration, our platform optimizes decision-making, fosters seamless stakeholder communication, and safeguards sensitive data for enhanced efficiency, precision, and innovation in IP management.

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Sandra Johnson
Innovation Director

The GPT-4 integration in Supercharger's platform has been a game-changer for our university, allowing us to identify and engage with emerging startups and corporates effectively.

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
Director of Tech Transfer

Supercharger has revolutionized our patent management process, providing us with valuable insights to make strategic decisions. It's an indispensable asset for our tech transfer office.

William Folk
VC Partner

Supercharger's advanced natural language processing has significantly improved our analysis of patents and startups, ultimately optimizing our investment strategies.

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