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The All-in-One IP Management Hub

AI-Enhanced IP Management System

Our comprehensive GPT - Powered IP management system is designed for university innovation organizations, enabling them to efficiently monitor patent statuses, deadlines, and renewals. Our platform offers detailed reports and analytics on patent portfolio management, licensing agreements, and technology transfer activities. Supercharger facilitates seamless collaboration with other institutions on research projects and patent filings through document sharing, progress tracking, and communication management tools.

Data-Driven IP Marketplace

Supercharger's data - driven IP Marketplace enables tech transfer organizations to market their intellectual property to potential licensees, investors, or collaborators. Leveraging the powerful GPT-4 natural language processing technology, the platform offers a sophisticated search experience that accurately identifies potential matches based on keywords or technology areas, ensuring a seamless and efficient IP exchange experience.

The Ideal Collaboration Experience

Our GPT-4 Enhanced Patent Monitoring & Compliance Suite helps innovation organizations leverage GPT-4's advanced AI capabilities. Our platform will eventually provide automated alerts and notifications on upcoming deadlines, law changes, and potential infringement issues. Users also benefit from our unique IP Closeness Score, which compares private unpublished patents against existing ones, giving insights on research infringement and the odds of successful patent grant by the USPTO.

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Powered by proprietary and supplemental data, Supercharger's data ingestion platform serves as ground truth. Our platform empowers Innovation Organizations with GPT-4 to manage their IP portfolio and collaborate with team members.