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Supercharger enables Venture Funds and Venture Lending organizations to succeed by automating deal flow and forecasting startup success.

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Automated Diligence

Data-driven investment strategies increasingly rely on multiple sources of data to help the modern investor gain a competitive advantage and make better decisions. With hundreds of unique data points, the Supercharger dataset brings an immense value to hedge funds, Venture Funds, and venture lending organizations to enhance their investment analysis.

Venture Lending

Our datasets provide B2B and B2C companies with up-to-date market data and always fresh business-related people intelligence.

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Venture Funds

From researching market trends to generating leads, machine learning is becoming indispensable for the modern investor.

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Family Offices

Combine machine learning with our enhanced datasets to generate trade signals, identify risks, and make better predictions.

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Venture Lending and Capital Allocation

Our Startup Rating ScoreCard

ScoreCard parses data from non-traditional, external data sources. Venture lending organizations and investors leverage our models to extract valuable insights, generate credit diligence, and improve investment decisions.

Supercharger helps venture lending banks and LP led funds stay ahead of their competition. Book a demo with us to learn how.

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A Dedicated Resource

2022 Vertical Coverage

Supercharger deal flow data enables up-to-date and accurate insights, allowing venture funds and investment firms to survey potential startups, track company or product popularity, their growth rates, and more, ultimately leading to a better-informed investment process.

Enterprise Deals

Tracking Enterprise Software & Enterprise Applications

Biotech Deals

Tracking Biotech, Biopharma, Genetics, Life Sciences

Mobility Deals

Tracking Automotive, Mobility, ADAS/ AD, EVs, Telematics

Fintech Deals

Tracking Fin-tech, Payments, Blockchain, Digital Money, Lending

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