Sysdig is a cloud-native visibility and security company that provides cloud and container security for enterprises and their DevOps teams.

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Sysdig is a provider of both cloud and container security for enterprises and their DevOps teams. It drives secure DevOps movement, helping organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services. With the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, cloud teams secure the build pipeline, detect and respond to runtime threats, continuously validate compliance, and monitor and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure and services.

San Francisco, California, United States
Notable Investors
Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital Ventures, Insight Partners, Accel, Third Point Ventures
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Founding Year
Loris Degioanni, Suresh Vasudevan

Founder Background

Loris received his Ph.D from the University Politecnico di Torino, afterwhich he was a Post Doc at UC Davis. He served as the CTO and and CoFounder of CACE Technologies a consultancy network monitoring startup before ultimately selling the company to Riverbed Technology. In 2013, Loris founded Sysdig.

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Pricing is calculated based on cloud accounts, container security, and container monitoring hosts. It costs $400 per cloud account, $60 per container host, and $20 per container monitoring host per month.

Product Features

Kubernetes Application Monitoring

Sysdig’s DevSecOps-oriented visibility helps application teams deliver secure and reliable services faster. Their policies help IT Teams enforce controls for building pipeline, registries and production environment to block threats across microservices.

Visualize and Explore Containers

Sysdig lets you to visualize, explore, and alert on your containers and metrics based on the logical Kubernetes hierarchy (for example, namespace > deployment > pod > container).

Vulnerability Testing across container images and metadata

By enabling container and Kubernetes compliance checks early in the lifecycle, Sysdig helps you maintain a strict security compliance posture starting with development.

IR & Forensics

Streamline incident response and quickly determine what happened with a detailed activity record. Fine-grained policies leverage the Falco rules library to analyze and audit runtime policy violations.

Runtime Security

Alert on changing permissions of IAM users and resources, storage buckets, access keys, etc. by analyzing cloud activity audit logs (AWS CloudTrail, GCP audit logs) with Falco.

Continuous Posture Management

Gain visibility into both misconfigurations and suspicious activity within your cloud in a single console. Maximize coverage of configuration checks and detections with community-sourced rules.

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