StorPool is the fastest software-defined block storage used by public and private cloud builders, enterprises, MSPs, hosting providers.

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StorPool is software for distributed data storage that enables businesses to work with their data reliably and efficiently. It is the fastest software-defined block storage on the market, used by public and private cloud builders, enterprises, MSPs, SaaS, hosting and cloud providers. It comes as software, plus a fully-managed data storage service that transforms commodity hardware into a fast, highly available and scalable shared-storage system. StorPool makes a shared storage pool out of standard drives (HDDs/SSDs) placed in standard servers. It is like virtual SAN, aggregating the performance AND capacity of all drives into a single pool of storage distributed between all servers. Think of it as Amazon storage for your own Cloud or in your datacenter. StorPool is the superior alternative to mid- and high-end SANs and All-Flash Arrays (AFA) for mid- and large-scale deployments (hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of storage). With its comprehensive set of data management functionalities, StorPool’s software-defined storage solution goes above and beyond what is possible with other SDS products. One storage for all your workloads and environments. StorPool delivers an innovative approach to data storage. - Unmatched storage performance - Amazing application performance - Simplicity all the way - Better uptime & service availability - Flexibility and seamless scalability - Outstanding Support Some of its many features are: Backup and Disaster Recovery; Automatic Recovery; Zeroes Detection; Data Tiering; HCI support; Network Redundancy; Fault Sets; Life Configuration Changes; Infiniband Support; Ethernet Support; Snapshots and Clones; Network Hardware acceleration, iSCSI Support; QoS; Native Monitoring & Statistics; Thin Provisioning; TRIM/Discard; etc. See full list here: Each company has different needs and uses а different technology stack. StorPool is flexible and integrates with many software stacks and higher-level cloud management systems. Besides integrations with OpenStack, CloudStack, OnApp and OpenNebula we are also compatible with almost all technologies in the Linux stack. StorPool also have integrations/support for Xen, XenServer, LVM, Docker, Kubernetes, LXC, libvirt, Proxmox, to name the more common ones. See more about the latest StorPool integration with Kubernetes:

Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
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LAUNCHub Ventures, IT Web AD
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Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Krosnov, Yanko Yankulov

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