MX3D is the company that has brought large-scale Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)and its market to life and made 3D metal printing more flexible, faster, and cheaper MX3D became an immediate innovation leader in 3D metal printing by presenting its 12 meter 3D printed stainless steel bridge soon to be installed in Amsterdam.

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Initial Diligence

MX3D is an exciting metal 3d Printing company that allows construction and metal pouring to be done at a rapid scale. By combining a standard ABB robot with a power source, their 3D metal printing robotics solution is able to complete a design-to-print in a single workflow session. Metal XL is a dedicated tool to calibrate metal alloys and quickly ensure a stable printing process and quality control. The user interface and software allow feasibility design implementation and smooth kinematics simulation. Having raised very little, most of their capital expenditures are covered by customer contracts and prepayments. MX3D is a highly recommended company on our list, one that deserves a serious look.

1014 BK Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Gijs Van Der Velden, Rene Backx

Founder Background

Rene Backx is the Chief Commerical Officer at MX3D. He studied Business Strategy at INSEAD and Analytics from Northwestern University. Previous to MX3D, Rene was a researcher at Tilburg University and worked for Accenture for more than 9 years.

Corporate Partners


MetalXL can be leased on a per-project basis or purchased outright per unit.

Product Features

Cost Feasibility

Costs: the costs of using WAAM printing are substantially lower than traditional 3D metal printing (SLM), with > 70% lower CAPEX due to use of a standardized robot and power source and lower OPEX as standard welding wire is >5x cheaper than equivalent metal powder.

Increased Production

Speed: with a very short CAD- to-print-time and a deposit rate of >2kg/hour, WAAM can increase production time and reduce lead time substantially.

Material Flexibility

Materials: WAAM prints can achieve excellent materiel properties / structural behavior. As WAAM built on welding tradition, a lot existing knowhow, which speeds up the development of WAAM over other 3D printing methods.

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