The Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH is a pioneer and global industry leader in the field of hydrogen storage in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) materials.

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Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) are liquid oils that can chemically store hydrogen at high storage densities under ambient conditions. Our LOHC oil (dibenzyltoluene) enables high-cacpacity hydrogen transport in the exsiting infrastructure for fossil fuels. The LOHC oil is hardly flammable and non-explosive eliminating the risk of large-scale hydrogen storage and transport. With the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg becoming a shareholder in May 2014 and the successful close of a Series A funding round in July 2014 with Anglo American Platinum as investor, Hydrogenious Technologies is now backed with strong scientific, strategic and financial capacities to revolutionize large-scale energy and hydrogen storage.

Weidenweg 13 91058 Erlangen Germany
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Mitsubishi, Covestro, AP Ventures
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Daniel Teichmann

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Daniel is co-founder and CEO of Hydrogenious Technologies. As an alumnus of the University of Erlangen – Nuremberg and the Bavarian Elite Academy and with a doctorate in engineering, he is one of the conceptual fathers of LOHC-based energy storage. Daniel has previous entrepreneurial experience as well as industry experience at McKinsey and BMWin the Department ‘Efficient Dynamics Drivetrain’ in the Group ‘Energy Storage’.

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Product Features

Containerized Systems

Containerized systems for medium-scale projects and application piloting with predefined footprint and thus an easy on-site installation. Our containerized systems are available up to 150 Nm³/h hydrogen capacity. For details, please download the brochure below.

Skid Mounted Systems

Skid-mounted systems for large-scale hydrogen storage, designed for direct coupling with SMR or large-scale electrolysis. Plants can be custom-sized starting at 5.000 Nm³/h.

ReleaseUnit Optimization

The ReleaseUNIT is designed to release hydrogen from the LOHC oil. The dehydrogenation process is optimized for continuous operation and long-term stability. The endothermic hydrogen release process requires heat, which can be supplied by high-temperature waste-heat, natural gas, electricity or hydrogen. The systems are available as easy to install containerized systems (C-Series), ideal for hydrogen refueling stations and industrial supply.

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