Armis discovers devices on and off the network, continuously analyzes endpoint behavior to identify risks and attacks, and protects critical information and systems.

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Correlate the status or vulnerabilities in assets, then orchestrate actions such as notifying SOC systems, deploying endpoint agents, running a vulnerability scan, even blocking or quarantining devices, if needed. Combined with a one-of-a-kind Device Knowledgebase, tracking more than 500 million assets daily, Armis can deliver better visibility, security, and use of resources. Based on experience across multiple deployments, Armis sees the blind spot and “fragmentation effect” that results from legacy approaches. On average, Armis sees almost 5x more assets over existing solutions such as Vulnerability Management, EDR, and CMDB solutions. The Armis approach combines the comprehensive discovery of all assets and identification of gaps in your asset security to give you complete confidence that you are safe and secure.

300 Hamilton Ave Suite 500, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Notable Investors
Insight Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital Ventures
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Yevgeny Dibrov

Founder Background

Yevgeny went to Technion-Machon Technologi Le' Israel for Computer Engineering and was Head of Global Business Development for cyber security company, Adallom which exited to Microsoft for $320M.

Corporate Partners


Enterprise pricing can range into the hundreds of thousands for an annual subscription.

Product Features

Asset Management

Armis is purpose-built to discover, identify, and profile every device in your environment.

Auto Risk Adjustment

The Armis platform generates information and scoring that helps your security team understand your attack surface, vulnerabilities, and meet compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Broad Spectrum Support

Armis provides broad-spectrum coverage that supports 11 of the 20 Critical Security Controls and sixteen of the NIST CSF controls across the categories Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond.

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