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for Venture Lending Organizations

Venture Debt
Credit Rating Score

Our ScoreCard is derived by parsing data from non-traditional, external data sources. Venture lending organizations and investors leverage our models to extract valuable insights, generate credit diligence, and improve investment decisions.

Supercharger enables venture lending facilities to stay ahead of their competition. Book a demo with us to learn how.

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Powerful dashboard to capture all your live data

Regular updates keep felix ahead of the competition and the leading template for businesses that want to excel online.

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FOr Venture Funds

Automated Sourcing & Due Diligence

Leverage our Active ETL technology to supplement traditional analyst work from sourcing to due diligence. Supercharger's data warehouse extracts panel data from public and private sources of data in order to build a wholistic, proprietary training data set.

Utilize our platform to discover the next great American entrepreneur. Aggregate global real-time and historical financing news, partnership data, and M&A activity to inform investment decisions.

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